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Pre-Loved Podcast with Emily Stochl

Jul 8, 2019

The star of this show is my pal Nat, the founder, editor, and ecostylist of tommie magazine. In this episode we talked about representation in fashion, conscious consumerism, tommie magazine where Nat is building a community with a conscience, and plus Nat’s amazing vintage finds!

Looking back on this episode with Nat, I love what she had to say about individuality and expression in fashion. It really resonates with me after I’ve created around 30 of these episodes and talked with people who approach preloved with all their unique tastes, styles, and backgrounds. All as unique individuals. 

Plus, as a little bonus, I asked Nat to give me her thoughts on preloved fashion, almost one year from when we originally recorded this. You’ll find that at the end. 

This is such a beloved favorite, and I hope you’ll enjoy it whether this is the first time you’re tuning in or if you’re a long-term fan. Let’s dive in!

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