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Pre-Loved Podcast with Emily Stochl

Jan 10, 2022

Pre-Loved Podcast Trailer - Season 6 Returns Jan. 17! 

Hey vintage lovers, I’m Emily Stochl and this is Pre-Loved Podcast -- the show about rad vintage style and guests you’ll want to go thrifting with!

On this show, I interview guests from all across the secondhand space about their stories with thrift and vintage. The secondhand space is a big ole world, with just as many stories and angles as the firsthand fashion space. I created Pre-Loved Podcast because there's not another podcast like it  to tell these stories -- stories of the best vintage finds, sustainability, mending and upcycling, the ins and outs of selling vintage, all that and more. And now there are over 100 episodes! 

New episodes come out every Monday!

And to follow along with all things thrift, vintage, rad, retro, and sustainable, you can find me Emily Stochl, across the internet as @emilymstochl. And you’ll find even more of this kind of content at my Patreon, 

And now, just a little sampling of our show: 

S3 Ep20 with Sisilia Piring

S4 Ep3 with Shayna Klee

S4 Ep1 with Sally of @callmeflowerchild

S4 Ep39 with Alana Rivero of Mercadillo Vintage

S4 Ep19 with Liz Ricketts of The OR Foundation

S4 Ep29 with Kate Sekules of Visible Mending

S2 Ep11 with Jenny Welbourn of Wear I Live

S4 Ep20 with Yayra and Kwamena on secondhand in Accra

 S3 Ep17 with Jazmine of That Curly Top

S3 Ep9 with Elizabeth Cline

S4 Ep11 with Dominique Drakeford

S4 Ep40 with Depop 

S3 Ep18 with Clare Press of Wardrobe Crisis

S2 Ep4 with Beth Jones of BJones Style 

S5 Ep32 with Alexa Sunshine83

S5 Ep35 Fashion Revolution Guatemala

S5 Ep28 LA Vintage