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Pre-Loved Podcast with Emily Stochl

Feb 24, 2020

S4 Ep3 SHAYNA KLEE: visual artist and filmmaker based in Paris - on art and creativity, being an American in Paris, and personal style.

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Pre-Loved Podcast: Shayna Klee

This week’s guest is Shayna Klee. Shayna is a visual Artist and filmmaker based in Paris, France. Shayna creates colorful and vibrant installations combining sculpture, video and performance. When she's not in the Art studio, Shayna openly documents her life as a young creative in Paris on her bilingual youtube channel, The Purple Palace. This initiative serves as a curation of her journey as an American in France -- Shayna hopes to strengthen the Franco-American understanding by profiling a new generation of Parisian Artists through creative narratives and interviews.

In this episode, we talk about art and creativity, the magic of Paris and exploring new environments, finding your own personal style, and creative inspiration. Thanks for listening, and let’s dive right in!

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