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Pre-Loved Podcast with Emily Stochl

Mar 8, 2021

S5 Ep6 DAFFNY of A VINTAGE NERD: a disability awareness and Old Hollywood vintage blogger - on pursuing your passions despite challenges, and balancing motherhood and creativity.


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Pre-Loved Podcast is a weekly interview show about rad vintage style with guests you’ll want to go thrifting with. Find the show at @emilymstochl on Instagram and @PreLovedPod on Twitter.

Pre-Loved Podcast: Daffny of A Vintage Nerd

Today I’m speaking with Daffny, of A Vintage Nerd. Daphne is a vintage blogger and content creator who loves Old Hollywood fashion, film, and books. She’s a native New Yorker, and a mother, living with a physical disability. And her goal with her style platform is to inspire others to pursue their passions despite the challenges they may face. 

I have to tell you, Daffny was such a joy to speak with and this episode absolutely filled my cup. I can’t wait for you to hear what she has to say. Let’s dive right in! 

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