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Pre-Loved Podcast with Emily Stochl

Sep 26, 2022


S6 Ep32 MAY’S PLACE: owner, Katie May, on opening her vintage shop and starting a vintage market in St. Louis - plus, come along to the May’s Night Market with me!


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Pre-Loved Podcast is a weekly interview show about rad vintage style with guests you’ll want to go thrifting with. Find the show at @emilymstochl on Instagram and @PreLovedPod on Twitter.

Pre-Loved Podcast: May’s Place

Hey vintage lovers, I’m Emily Stochl and this is Pre-Loved Podcast -- the show about rad vintage style and guests you’ll want to go thrifting with!

If you’re new to the show, welcome, this is a space where we talk about all things vintage, secondhand and pre-loved across the fashion space! And for new listeners, or longtime pals, to follow along with all things thrift, vintage, rad, retro, and sustainable, you can find me Emily Stochl, across the internet as @emilymstochl. Come hang out I’d love to chat with you! 

Alright, let’s head to St. Louis!

Tonight, we’re speaking with Katie May of May’s Place. Katie is a vintage connoisseur, Americana collector, and the owner of May's Place. 

A former retail industry pro, Katie and her husband, Andy, have a long love of sourcing all things vintage. Combine that with Andy's family history as antique auctioneers, and they got inspired to open a shop for St. Louis. And after opening the store May’s Place, the team then started May's Night Market, which is now a quarterly vendor market celebrating the best and brightest vintage, fashion, jewelry, and art that St. Louis has to offer! 

In this episode, you’ll hear all about Katie’s story in vintage, and then at the end, we’ll head over to the May’s Night Market, where you’ll get to hear from a couple of the rad vintage vendors involved in that incredible show. 

Alright, let’s dive right in to vintage in St. Louis!

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