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Pre-Loved Podcast with Emily Stochl

Feb 6, 2023

Pre-Loved Podcast is a weekly vintage fashion interview show, with guests you’ll want to go thrifting with! For more Pre-Loved Podcast, subscribe to our Patreon!

In this episode, I’m chatting with Maria, the owner of Animal Vintage in South Florida! We chat about how she first discovered the fantasy of vintage and secondhand clothing at a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store, her career in fashion, and lessons learned throughout many years of being a vintage dealer.

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  • [4:30] Maria’s first adventures at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores in South Florida in the mid 90s
  • [10:13] Working under Danny Santiago, now the costume designer and stylist known for his work on ‘And Just Like That’
  • [13:40] The rave scene in South Florida, and selling vintage to finance her trips to shows
  • [21:40] Maria’s first time vending at the Brooklyn Flea
  • [27:36] Maria’s first Manhattan Vintage show in the mid 2000s. 
  • [35:46] Having a showroom for appointments vs. opening a store
  • [38:28] Spending summers in Minneapolis (check out Pre-Loved Podcast episodes with Audrey Rose Vintage and the Minneapolis Vintage Market!)
  • [42:18] Selling a Bob Mackie astrology cape - pictured here




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