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Pre-Loved Podcast with Emily Stochl

Aug 14, 2023

Pre-Loved Podcast is a weekly vintage fashion interview show, with guests you’ll want to go thrifting with! For more Pre-Loved Podcast, subscribe to our Patreon!

Today’s episode is all about the Randolph Street Market in Chicago! We’re starting off with an interview with the market’s founder, Sally Schwartz, a 23-year veteran of special events. In this episode, you’ll hear Sally’s story with vintage, and how she came to lead the Randolph Street Market in the Chicago West Loop for the last 20 years. 

Then, we head in to Chicago’s most beloved treasure hunt to enjoy the music, food, and of course - vintage dealers! You’ll get to hear from a small sampling of the 200 Randolph Street market vendors later on in this episode because I’m taking you into the market with us (me and my mom) for a day of exploring the best vintage Chicagoland has on offer, and chatting with vintage dealers about the special pieces they brought along. Let’s go!

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  • [2:11] Sally grew up surrounded by antiques and vintage items belonging to her parents and grandparents, and she dressed up vintage even though her peers weren’t into it yet.
  • [3:25] As a party planner, Sally would decorate the corporate parties she threw with all things vintage.
  • [6:22] How the Randolph Street Market has evolved over the last 20 years since Sally started it.
  • [13:48] The great vintage markets of the world that inspire Sally, including Portabello Road Market in London.
  • [20:08] How to curate a market full of variety. 
  • [25:29] Beauty Marked Vintage on her cottagecore-inspired vintage for prairie-dreamers and die-hard romantics. 
  • [27:33] Invyvin creates original and upcycled fashion from recycled materials, truly second-hand couture.
  • [30:12] Third Law Goods brings Italian vintage to the US, and Made in the USA vintage to Florence, Italy.
  • [37:24] The sister-duo from Goods and Provisions carry ‘200 years of vintage fashions!’ and have great stories of sourcing together throughout the years. 
  • [41:08] Valentine Vintage is a vintage dealer with a showroom in Wicker Park, who showed me the coolest pair of visibly mended Union Made coveralls.
  • [44:02] Assassin’s Vintage showed me a rare 70s handkerchief top and their favorite Westernwear. 
  • [46:48] Confetti Co. Vintage showed us her Barbiecore collection, and a beaded purse that came home with my mom!




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