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Pre-Loved Podcast with Emily Stochl

Jun 3, 2019

I’m Emily Stochl and this is Pre-Loved Podcast -- the show about rad vintage style and guests you’ll want to go thrifting with! We’re back June 17th and obviously you can expect some amazing guests.

On Pre-Loved Podcast, I chat with guests about their shared love for vintage and second-hand clothing, how they source creative inspiration, and the stories behind their favorite pieces.

Pre-Loved Podcast will be partnering with Depop again for Season 3. Depop is a peer-to-peer second-hand shopping app with over 10 million users to date. It’s a great brand whose vision is obviously so well-aligned with our mission here at Pre-Loved Pod, that I’m thrilled they’ve decided to support the show so I can keep producing for all of you!

This season, I’ll be chatting with flea market founders, fashion historians, thrift influencers, vintage sellers, authors, sustainability advocates, and the like -- all about their love for thrift, how they started their pre-loved fashion journey, and why second-hand clothes are their first choice.

I’m so excited to kick off Season 3 in Minneapolis!

Basically, I’ll be road tripping up to Minneapolis for the Minneapolis Vintage Market on Sunday, June 9th at Sociable Ciderworks. Michelle and I will have a special meet-up (RSVP info here) complete with mimosas, a wonderful community of thrifters, early-bird access to the market, and other fun goodies.

While I’m in Minneapolis, I’ll be taping some fun content for you. I’m really looking forward to taking the show on the road, and I guess the next obvious question is, where should we go next?!

I’m signing off for now, but if you love Pre-Loved Podcast and you’re excited for Season 3, please consider showing your support for the show in any way possible. One great way is  to leave a rating in iTunes, it really helps boost the podcast in other people’s feeds and helps us grow the PreLovedPod community.

As always, to follow along with all things #PreLovedPod and otherwise, you can find me across the internet as @brumeanddaisy and at the Brume & Daisy blog.

I’ll talk to you all very soon! New episodes return June 17th!