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Pre-Loved Podcast with Emily Stochl

Feb 4, 2019

Episode 10 of Pre-Loved Podcast: Kime Buzzelli artist and boutique owner of The End in Yucca Valley, California - on avant garde and one of a kind vintage pieces, and running a vintage business.

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Pre-Loved Podcast is a weekly interview show about rad vintage style with guests you’ll want to go thrifting with. Find the show on Twitter at @PreLovedPod and follow #PreLovedPod for updates on future episodes.

Pre-Loved Podcast: Kime Buzzelli

This week, our guest is Kime Buzzelli. 

Kime is a lifelong costumer and artist. She’s been shopping at thrift stores since her early teens. She’s always loved collecting vintage that tells a story and is always searching for avant garde, one of a kind pieces. 

These days she lives in the desert where anything goes and her style icons are mostly older desert dweller friends who aren’t afraid to pile on the jewelry and like to mix it up with fashion. I loved talking with Kime about the creative women artists that out in desert that make it such a magical place.

We’ll chat about all this, her most recent “art-to-wear” boutique The End in Yucca Valley, and more on this episode of Pre-Loved Pod.

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