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Pre-Loved Podcast with Emily Stochl

Mar 11, 2019

S2 Ep8  FOUND+FORMED: Abigail Rawson, Carissa Starleaf, and Rachel Maker on collaborating with friends to start a women-owned business.

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Pre-Loved Podcast: Found+Formed

This week, our guests are the women of Found+Formed, my friends Abigail Rawson, Carissa Starleaf, and Rachel Maker of my favorite place -- Found + Formed!

This week is a very special episode of Pre-Loved Podcast. It’s our International Women's Day edition, and I cannot imagine a better group of women to have on the show this week.

In this episode we talk about the power of female collaboration, about women-owned businesses, supporting local creators, and the amazing community these babes have brought to the neighborhood with events like The Bohemian Betty flea market and a vintage lingerie show.

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